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The Stag Hunt is a bit of game theory, similar to the more popularly known Prisoner's Dilemma. The idea is that a group of hunters are going out, and they can either cooperate to hunt Stag for a large benefit that only works if everyone chooses it, or individually hunt Rabbit for a small benefit that works even if not everyone agrees. Cooperation is harder than we think; not everybody is always on the same page about what we’re trying to do. Staggering Hunters is a gamified version of this! The LessWrong post here is suggested reading, though you don’t have to have read it to show up and play. We’re going to play the game, then discuss how it went and try again to see if we can do better.

Once we've played twice (It's a short game!) we're going to open things up to any sort of board game. I'll have a few of my favourites, and you should feel free to bring any you'd like to play.

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