A meetup for people interested in improving their reasoning and decision-making skills, technology, the long-term future, and philosophy. You don't have to know what LessWrong or Slate Star Codex are, but it definitely helps.

Here's a list of discussion prompts for you to use or ignore:
- Identifying our mental blind spots
- Noticing systematic biases in our behaviour and ways to fix them
- How to evaluate contrarian ideas/when is it better to trust consensus and tradition
- Recent progress in AI, ML, or science and technology in general
- Future of work given AI progress
- AI safety and ethics
- Effective learning techniques
- Designing better institutions
- Your favourite philosopher/thinker and how they relate to any of those issues
- Interesting things you have learned recently and want to share

Discussions will be held in English, unless everyone present is comfortable with Polish.

This time we are meeting in "Piętro Niżej", a craft beer bar with Polish cuisine. It is located in the basement of "PAST" building on Zielna 39, just next to the entrance to Świętokrzyska metro station.

There are 4 tables reserved for us this time (so switching subgroups and topics will be easier), with 16 spots in total - more people could likely be accomodated, but I can't guarantee more free tables/chairs. Due to the group reservation be prepared for 10% menu price hike. More about the venue: http://notabene.webd.pl/ntbn2/

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