This is your local Astral Codex Ten social! Please feel free to come even if you feel awkward about it, even if you’re not “the typical Astral Codex Ten/LessWrong reader”, even if you’re worried people won’t like you, etc. Our local community is really friendly and non-judgemental. I expect around 20 people to show up for this meetup, based on past attendance.

With past venue's, we have always had a noise issue, so we are trying something new. Google says Tuesdays at Captain Black's should be a lull, but we also have the Stumbling Monk next door as a backup. Captain Black's has at least one vegan food option and I think it might be wheelchair accessible.

(If you only feel like attending 1-2 ACX meetups in a given year, skip this one. There will probably be an official ACX Everywhere in a September with higher attendance.)

Captain Blacks

129 Belmont Ave E · Seattle, WA

How to find us

We will likely be out back, on the porch. The Stumbling Monk next door is a backup venue.

## What we’re about

Truthseeking, Impact and the Human/Personal Focus: the major motivations of the Rationality Community.
“How can I improve my thinking and make better decisions with the information I have?”
“How can I get better at changing my mind when I’ve realized I’m wrong?”
“How can I recognize the difficulty of singlehandedly changing the world, while still working to change it within my capacity?”
“How can I feel more satisfied and fulfilled?”
Rationalism is a set of mental tools to help answer questions like these, and move towards being a more optimized version of yourself. However, we don’t spend most of our time discussing rationalism itself, but rather using it as a tool to discuss other things more effectively.
No specific knowledge is needed to join and participate, we’ll be happy to give an introduction to anything esoteric we might be talking about. Many people here are interested in topics such as: computer science, artificial intelligence, anti-aging research, animal welfare, epidemiology/virology, energy policy, and assessing the most effective charities.
Blogs and sites a lot of us follow include: LessWrong, Slate Star Codex/Astral Codex Ten (SSC/ACX), Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI), Center for Applied Rationality (CFAR), GiveWell, and 80,000 Hours.


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