Helsinki Slatestarcodex meetup for March, at Kaivopihan Dubliner (Mannerheimintie 5). Pre-meetup post copied from the official SSC Helsinki Meetup blog:


Hello again!

Here again is your monthly pre-meetup reminder: As you surely (hopefully?) are aware, the next meetup is scheduled tomorrow March 27th, in Dubliner, starting at 6 p.m.

Some suggested food for discussion listed below.

From Scott’s blog:
February links post
The Dark Rule Utilitarian Argument for Science Piracy

The Steampunk Aesthetic:

In the steampunk world, everything is made of stuff, and stuff is in principle understandable if you look at it, experiment, and think. Comprehension requires few abstractions.

Or maybe you want to talk about something else? Tell us at the meet tomorrow!

– A

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Thanks Kaj!

We have a habit of putting up some (anonymized) notes and links after each meetup, mainly to confirm that yes, the meetup happened. Also this way any interested newcomers (and also persons who were not present) can get an idea what our meetups are like and make the whole look less like a scary secret society. (I have no evidence if it works, but I think it's fun to have some other content available on our public site in addition to the monthly invitation post.)

The next meetup is scheduled on April 24th.