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We will get together to celebrate the winter solstice! This is an event where we will sing songs together. We will celebrate live, reflect on the hard challenges we face as a society, acknowledge the strenghts of the community, and hopefully get some inspiration to create a much better world together.

We will start with a shared dinner. Bring your own food (potluck style!) for maximum coziness. Also, feel encouraged to bring your instrument if you play one, there will be opportunities to use it.

Then we will move on to the secular solstice celebration and afterwards there will be opportunity to reflect and chill out. If you want to sleep over, I have a view spaces available. Message me if you want to claim a spot.

If you haven't attended a meetup like this before, no worries! You don't need to know anything. All you need to do is show up. If you feel more comfortable chatting with the organizers before the event, then feel free to reach out to me (Raymond).

Also check out our Rationality - NL discord:

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