Regarding COVID-19


  • There have been less than 350 cases in Bavaria on every day in the last week (as per this dashboard), and
  • there is no government regulation against group of <10 people meeting outside, and
  • the weather is acceptable,

we meet up in person outside at the war memorial courtyard. This post will be changed on the morning of the meetup to reflect the decision.

Otherwise, we meet up on discord again.

Hello everybody,

We are a new-ish SSC meetup in Munich formed during the last “Meetups Everwhere” event. After the first meetup, we decided to make this a regular monthly meeting. At meeups, we usually have a casual conversation about whatever topic comes to our fancy. We usually speak English, but most people will also be able to speak German.

In the spirit of “Meetups Everywhere”, anyone who wants to come can come. Please feel free to come even if you feel awkward about it, even if you're not “the typical SSC reader”, even if you're worried people won't like you, etc.

I'm looking forward to the event


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