Raleigh SSC/LW/EA Meetup - Meet MealSquares People


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Romeo Stevens and I (both cofounders of MealSquares, a SSC sidebar advertiser) are visiting Raleigh/Durham and we're interested in meeting local people. Romeo is interested in contemplative practice and philosophy of science. John once won $2000 in the AI Alignment Prize and was the first long-term guest of the EA (Athena) Hotel. Both of us post heavily here on LW and on the EA Forum and are well connected in the Bay Area EA and rationalist communities. We'll be at the coffee shop called "42 & Lawrence", located at 134 E Martin St in Raleigh, this Sunday, May 12 at 2 PM. John will be wearing an Effective Altruism t-shirt. Romeo will be wearing a Qualia Research Institute t-shirt. We're not sure who else will show up, but we'll hang out there for at least an hour. If the weather is nice we might go to the park across the street.

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