Austin LW/SSC/EA "Meetups Everywhere" Meetup: 9/30 6pm


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This is part of the "Meetups Everywhere" series announced on SlateStarCodex.

  • Date: Monday September 30, 2019, 6:00pm CDT till however late people feel like staying
  • Location: Central Market (4001 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78756)
    • In the cafe, either on the balcony upstairs, or on the deck outside
    • We will have signs so you know who we are
  • Why you should come:
    • Scott Alexander and Scott Aaronson will be there
    • This is the Schelling point for people who don't ordinarily come to meetups to come just this once. If you live a bit far away and don't normally think the trip is worth it, now's your chance!

The regular schedule of meetups in Austin is Saturdays at 1:30pm at the above-mentioned Central Market Cafe, and Tuesdays at 7pm at various restaurants around town. These will keep happening as normal; we're just adding this Monday meetup as a special event - if you can only make it to one, come to this one. Check the Google Group for more information as the date approaches.

We'll see y'all there!

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