We are an established meetup that has been going since our meetup for the 2018 "Meetups Everywhere" thread, which got 12 attendees. If you email me, I can add you to the email thread where we plan future meetings—or feel free to just show up!

We have a pretty healthy crowd of attendees for the size of the area, with about 4-7 folks typically turning up out of a pool of 10 or 11 that has been slowly growing as people find us through the open thread. Most people are local, but folks come from as far as Connecticut or NH.

It's safe to expect a strong turnout for this one, possibly in the ballpark of the first one. We already have 5 people who RSVPed at a "yes" or "probably," including a newcomer.

Like all of our meetups, there won't be any "format" or suggested readings. Although it's not rare for us to touch on SSC articles and related topics, the conversation varies wildly, and you are welcome even if you're the most occasional SSC reader.

This meetup will be at at our usual spot of Packard's Bar and Restaurant in Northampton, in the main dining area, where we have a reservation. *

Hope to see you there!

* This meetup was originally scheduled at the Library Room at Packard's, which is our usual choice, but it turns out they double booked us and someone else had the room first. So we've moved into the main dining area. They're going to put together two tables for us, so it'll be a bit less quiet, but plenty of room.

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