Twin Cities SSC Meetup 3/1/20: Death


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This coming Sunday, March 1, we’ll be having a meetup at Rapson Hall as per usual; in light of the approaching springtime, we’ll discuss an appropriately sunny topic: death! More specifically, we’ll talk about different things to consider in terms of wills, advance directives, and other missives which might survive your mortal self, along with some discussion of more out-there ideas like cryonics to forestall death entirely (though the discussion of what to put in one’s will might get bizarre enough as it is!).

As usual, we’ll set up in Room 204 in Rapson Hall, 89 Church St SE on the east bank of the UMN campus; email grahamsnumberisbig (at) if you get lost. We’ll plan to meet from 1PM-3PM, but can easily go late if there’s interest; don’t worry about showing up a touch late, either. There will be snacks! (Possibly more extravagant ones than usual, as it will be my birthday and I might splurge on things.)

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