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This is one of the Astralcodex Ten Spring Meetups In Seventy Seventyone Cities, but unfortunately, I didn't make it for the initial announcement, so here it is.

I have organized ACX/SSC meetups in Hamburg before, but I could need some help, and I'm looking for co-organizers (for this meetup of future ones). Anyway, here it is:

Time: We will meet in the afternoon at 3 PM local time plus/minus 15 min is fine.

Location: Kleine Wallanlagen on the lawn near Memorial Holstenglacis. Here is an Open Street Map Link, which also shows the short-cut tunnel from the subway station.

Look for pink blankets; There will probably be an ACX sign. If it is raining, we will meet at the tunnel entrance and look for another location. 

Please let me know if you will join.

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