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  • July's format & topic TBD
    • Tentative: Split into two teams and compete to devise the most cost-effective vote-buying scheme in a hypothetical U.S. Congressional election. The baseline to beat is $883 per vote.
    • You're encouraged to bring a laptop. No advance prep work required.
    • Background: 
      • On May 17, 2022, Carrick Flynn lost the Democratic primary for Oregon's 6th Congressional District. Flynn was endorsed by Scott Alexander and other influential rationalists and effective altruists. His campaign spent $12mm+ ($11.4mm from a crypto billionaire and close to $1mm from Nancy Pelosi's PAC) to net him 12,499 votes (92% reporting). 
      • In other words, his campaign spent a whopping $883+ per primary vote: $12,000,000/(12,499/.92). 
      • A very rough quick comparison: the 2020 Kentucky U.S. Senate race saw $92 per general election vote for Amy McGrath and $34 per vote for Mitch McConnell.
  • Plentiful free parking is available in the rear of the coffee shop. We plan to meet in the reserved conference room on the first floor. Free food and drinks will be provided.
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