SSC/LW Meetup @ Cafe Brasil, Houston, TX


This meetup will have two parts: first, starting at 1pm we will begin a structured discussion of Inadequate Equilibria, by Eliezer Yudkowsky (see link below). The structured discussion will end at 2:15pm and we will transition to the second, purely social part of the meetup, by 2:30pm. We are meeting at Cafe Brasil (it is across the street from Agora, where we have met in the past):

This is the first time we're having a dual-purpose meetup so please consider it as an experiment: the way we conduct such a meetup in the future can and should change based on group feedback from everyone's experiences during this meetup.

We need someone to act as secretary or minutes taker during the structured discussion, if you'd like to do so please let me know.

If you would like to participate in the structured discussion, please announce yourself as a participant prior to the meetup and observe these expectations:

(1) You have completed reading the book; (2) You have thought deeply about at least one main or specific topic in the book and have written down commentary and/or questions on that topic to bring up at the discussion; (3) You approach the discussion and its participants with respect and observe the principle of charity when considering others' arguments (no personal attacks!).

I'm looking forward to both the discussion and hanging out with everyone after it!

Here's a link to Inadequate Equilibria:

Valete :)