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tl;dr: This year’s LWCW happens 13-16th September 2024. Applications open April/May. We’re expanding to 250 attendees and looking for people interested in assisting our Orga Team.


Friday 13th September- Monday 16th September 2024 is the 11th annual Less Wrong Community Weekend (LWCW) in Berlin. This is world’s largest rationalist social gathering which brings together 250 aspiring rationalists from across Europe and beyond for four days of socialising, fun and intellectual exploration.

Yes, that’s right - we’re expanding and taking over the whole hostel. This year there will only be us during the event: smokers smoking only in the allowed zone, some actually quiet spaces and more sense of security.

Last year we received an unprecedented number of applications and we struggled to handle the load. We listened to arguments for keeping the event at its old size and for expanding, discussed this matter among us thoroughly and finally decided that it’s time to experiment with a larger scale. That also means we welcome new Orga Team members - the load of work will be higher and we need help to keep the event as awesome as it’s always been and even greater. If you think you’d like to try your hand at organising a welcome lunch, managing supplies, or just responding to all the questions in a timely manner, email us at lwcw.europe[at]gmail.com

Here is an announcement post from last year, so you can develop a sense of what the event is like if you’ve never been. For those who want to extend their stay in Berlin, EAGx is happening the same weekend and next weekend will be the EA Summer Camp.

LWCW is and has always been LGBTQIA+ friendly, and each year we work to make it better also in this aspect, e.g. by creating a respectful culture in which everybody can express themselves the way they want to. People are welcome to bring their children and, like last year, this year we’re putting extra effort into creating an event where people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and adjacent interests feel at home.


When: Friday 13th September - Monday 16h September 2024. The event begins with an opening ceremony on Friday afternoon. People are free to leave on Sunday evening, but some activities continue until Monday

Prices: All your money goes into paying for the venue, food, equipment and other expenses directly associated with the event. The exact prices will be announced when the applications open, for now we can estimate between 150€ and 250€. Owing to our generous donors, we can provide some financial aid for those who won’t be able to afford the price.

Application Process: Applications will open in April/May. We’re returning to processing applications as they arrive, and you should hear from us within 2 weeks of sending your application.

Contact: If you have any questions post them in the comments below or email lwcw.europe[at]gmail.com

Help Us Spread The Word

LWCW is volunteer organised with no marketing budget so we rely on word of mouth to get the message out. If you’re able to, please consider sharing this post on social media or sending the link to all your friends who might enjoy attending.


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If you're having doubts, totally go! The people there are very open and inviting. I would say relaxed, but some are relaxed, some are intensely enthousiastic. It's very easy to get to know new people and meet the community.