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Meetups everywhere is happening. You can contact me at stevenl451@gmail.com if you have any questions, concerns. I was planning on just hanging out at Crissie Caughlin Park and bringing food / drink / merriment. Please RSVP if you are going!

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Hey everyone, air quality is looking pretty bad right now, it gives me a headache to be outside. We could go somewhere else, or hold off until it's a bit colder so there are fewer fires, but I don't want to go to a park today.

The last couple smoky seasons have been long, so it might be a while until the air quality is reliably better. One possibility: We could briefly gather at the original location and then decide on an indoor spot to transfer to. This would also have the benefit of catching anyone who shows up to the park not having noticed this thread today.

Sorry, I realized I'm out of town this Friday, so bumped it by a week