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Goal Factoring is from the CFAR (Center for Applied Rationality) handbook. It aims to take a look at what goals you're trying to achieve, and to sort out what's actually necessary for the goal and what's incidental. If you wanted to do well in a class in order to learn something, is there a better way to learn? In the other direction, is that actually what you wanted from the class, or did you want to make contacts with professors who might give you a reference?

Note: I've never worked for CFAR or attended their classes, I'm running purely off the written handbook. If you have and you'd like to attend, I'd be delighted to have you around to course correct me!

Suggested Reading: Goal Factoring 

The plan:
12:45, doors open, snacks are brought forth
1, introductions and open conversation
1:15, Goal Factoring is explained in detail
1:30, We try and apply the technique, writing down goals and examining the pieces.
2:30, Check in, and then put the first try aside and start a fresh second draft now that you have a little experience with the technique.
3:30, Wrap up the activity, switch back to open conversation
4:00, Cleanup, the meetup ends.

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Heads up: Evan will be taking over for me on leading this event. I'm delighted, since the idea of turning the CFAR handbook into meetups is one I've been talking about with him for a while.