The goal of EA Global is to increase attendees’ knowledge, skills and networks to enable them to do the most good possible.

Content will be aimed at existing EA community members who already have a solid understanding of effective altruism, but would like to gain skills, network, master more complex problems, or move into new roles.

Programming will include:

  • Presentations of papers on the latest ideas at the frontiers of the EA movement
  • Whiteboard sessions (collaborative discussions between experts)
  • Seminars and workshops to help improve your thinking and execution
  • Facilitated networking sessions, office hours and social activities

Who is EA Global a good fit for?

We think the following kinds of attendees are particularly likely to find the conference valuable:

  • People already familiar with the key ideas of effective altruism
  • People seeking the opportunity to master more complex problems in effective altruism, learn new skills or get help from the community
  • People actively seeking work focused on high-priority global issues

We use an application process to match our available spaces with the people we think will gain the most from the conferences.


Apply to attend the conference: EA Global SF application

Apply to volunteer: EA Global volunteer application

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