Have you noticed that you keep doing behaviors that you wish you didn't, like snacking late at night or spending time on Facebook? Or not being able to do a behavior that you endorse, like reading a book or going to the gym?

A lot of our behavior is made of unconsciously executed habits, and the habits are themselves made of simple trigger-action loops. To install the habits we want and get rid of the ones we don't, we can consciously zoom in on these small loops and modify them. For example, you may have a trigger action loop [notice phone on desk] -> [open Facebook] that can be broken, or a loop [enter the house and take off shoes] -> [put on gym clothes] that can grow into a gym habit.

Agenda for the workshop:

  • I'll present on building TAPs, the making of a good trigger, how TAPs build into habits and how to practice them.
  • We will plan TAPs for positive habits and get feedback from a partner.
  • I'll present on identifying the TAPs that are already installed in your brain.
  • We will identify bad TAPs, create a replacement that should break them, and get feedback from a partner.
  • Share your best TAPs with the group, and pick accountability buddies that will help you practice.

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