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A gathering in a park at the University of Minnesota this coming Saturday (May 4) for SSC readers around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Stop by the Knoll* on the north side of the UMN campus around 3PM - there will be a dark-haired person in an effective altruism T-shirt with a sign saying "SSC Meetup" by 2:45. Bring grass-sitting materials and snacks as desired! This is the first meetup in the Twin Cities in years, so nothing is particular is strictly planned - we'll talk and socialize and plan out the next meetup.

Weather is forecasted to be good, but in the event of rain we will relocate nearby, possibly to a room reserved on campus. Any updates will be posted here.

Update: We are located on the south end of the park. A large sign reading "Slate Star Codex meetup" is facing the north end of the park. If you're entering from the northwest corner on University Ave, go forward to the middle of the park and look to your left.

*This is a grassy park on campus near Peik Hall, not the nearby apartment building of the same name.

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