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I am Ti Guo, co-founder of EA UWaterloo, EA IBM, and OpenPrinciples. I am excited to introduce you to the OpenPrinciples Fellowship. It is a 3 hour-per-week commitment that will last 6-weeks and begins January 29th. 

The fellowship provides methods, tools, mentorships, and group accountability to help you build the habit of identifying, iterating, and acting on your EA and Rationality-related life principles, mental models, biases, habits, and methods, around the EA and Rationality focus area of your choice.



The fellowship is organized by, a crowdsourced life principles wiki supported by the EA community. We are a team and a community of effective altruists, rationalists, entrepreneurs, engineers and community organizers who united through our interests in becoming more principled.



  • Workshops to walk you through the process of finding, concluding, iterating, validating, and acting on principles.
  • Weekly 1-hour group conversations with a team of 4~6 members with similar interests, your EA/ACX/LW chapter, and/or with friends you want to work with.
    • You will share and discuss life principles you found and those you conclude based on your interests.
  • Opportunities to meet and discuss with our partnered principle coaches who come from many different schools of thought.

Example topics of EA or Rationality-related life principles you can research about:

  • How to quantify the effectiveness of decisions?
  • How to evaluate one’s own biases when doing research?


When: The fellowship will run from January 29th to March 5th and is 100% free. The application deadline is January 22nd 23:59 PST.


How to apply:

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