Effects of Screentime on Wellbeing - Los Angeles LW/SSC Meetup #153 (Wednesday, July 21st)


Reading: van Wezel - "Does a 7-day restriction on the use of social media improve cognitive functioning and emotional well-being? Results from a randomized controlled trial" (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2352853221000286)

Please come even if you think you wouldn't fit in or don't consider yourself a "meetup" person. Multiple people who are now regulars had similar misgivings but found themselves having a good time!

Location:  10200 Venice Blvd #201, Culver City, CA.  Please be vaccinated, this is an indoors venue.

Time: 6:30 pm (July 21st)

Parking: The strip mall where the venue is located should have parking.  There may be street parking around the area but please check the signs!

Contact: The best way to contact me (or anybody else who is attending the meetup) is through our Discord. Feel free to message me (T3t) directly. Invitation link: https://discord.gg/TaYjsvN

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