Warsaw December Meetup


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A meetup for people interested in improving their reasoning and decision-making skills, technology, the long-term future, and philosophy. You don't have to know what LessWrong or Slate Star Codex are, but it definitely helps.

There is no specific topic for this meeting, just a list of prompts for us to use or ignore:
- Identifying our mental blind spots
- Noticing systematic biases in our behaviour and ways to fix them
- How to evaluate contrarian ideas/when is it better to trust consensus and tradition
- Recent progress in AI, ML, or science and technology in general
- Future of work given AI progress
- AI safety and ethics
- Effective learning techniques
- Designing better institutions
- Your favourite philosopher/thinker and how they relate to any of those issues
- Interesting things you have learned recently and want to share

More about the venue: http://notabene.webd.pl/ntbn2/

There are 4 tables reserved for us this time, so switching subgroups and topics will be easier. There are 16 spots reserved in total - more people could likely be accomodated, but I can't guarantee more free tables/chairs. Due to the group reservation be prepared for 10% menu price hike.

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