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Congress is a pretty awesome, annual event from the Chaos Computer Club. If you aren't familiar, search the web or find more information here.

Last Year

We had a meet up last year. I had the idea of getting a couple of LW-People together and see what happens. I was more than pleased with the result. A whole lot of people showed up, everything from people well-known in the community to intrigued newcomers who only heard about it once. So we told the newcomers about our impression as to what rationality is or incorporates. We then split into several smaller groups, one with a thorough introduction and several about specific topics (e.g. AI safety, the dragon army experiment and others).

Apart from that, a Signal-group and a pad with a long list of links and book recommendations emerged, from which I hope everything was able to profit.

This Year

I'd like to improve it this year. The group for communication proved really useful during congress. The pad was essential for easily sharing recommendations - which was used frequently. So I set them up already:

Also, for this year's meetup, let us do a bit more. Last year, we kind of 'spontaneously' split apart into groups, I would like to do this earlier and more organized this year. So there is an topic-collection in the pad. For each topic, the idea is to form a 'discussion group' with that topic as the 'reference point' of discussion, though you are not restricted to only talk about this at all.

Also, if you have other ideas, feel free to reach out to me!

I'd love to see all of you this year again.


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