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This year's ACX Spring Meetup everywhere in Ulm, Germany. 

If you are into ACX / Lesswrong / EA enough to see this post, I think there will be interesting discussions coming from that. Aren't you curious who else is within this niche community in Ulm and its surroundings and what they do? I encourage you, to take a leap of faith. We want to connect and maybe a group / some connections come out of this?

Past topics of conversation at other locations have included: AI alignment, productive disagreement, web3, GPT4, Nootropics, Procrastination, animal husbandry (how to flip a goat, and why) and many other things..

Location: we'll meet at the Donauwiesen, on the bridge where the 'Grosse Blau' enters the Danube and then search for a nice spot nearby. Watch for the guy with the white hat.

If the weather is bad, we will keep this meeting point, but will move over together to Cafe BellaVista

If the weather is fine, feel free to bring food, a blanket and cozy stuff, we'll picknick and chat in the meadow. 


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We are sitting close to the playground on top of red and blue blankets