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I'm inviting to start a new Shanghai LW meetup, with focus on a broader discussion about less wrong in the AI safety and cryptography in context of the long-term outcomes for life and humanity. I'd suggest the common theme of the meetup to be composition of relations in general sense, — e.g., compositions of neuron models, compositions of cryptographic functions, etc.

The initial objective of this meetup may well be to know the readers of LessWrong in Shanghai, and exchange the ideas how to estimate the collection of everyone's true (minimally biased) utility functions, and find ways to optimize the composition of relations (world's I/O) systems to improve the way they satisfy them.

Suggested meetup content: self-introductions describing what types of problems of the world (sub-optimalities) everyone personally cares to address, and kind of ideas or systems they are working on to bring about those changes. There will be a big screen, where we can exchange and share presentations of thoughts related.

Fragments of the meetup content will later be shared on

Where: China, Shanghai, Putuo, 富丽大厦 (Thanks to @Tedko for the venue!)
When: 2019-02-06 14:00~21:00 (UTC+08).

The reason for long period from midday to evening, is because it is a kind of exploratory post. The last Shanghai LW Meetup I've seen was organized around 2012, so, and there seem to have been no Shanghai LW Meetups for quite a while.

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Thx for hpmor Chinese group's support. Here's the translated Chinese version :


Thanks to Moe and Suji indeed. I'm putting the link to Chinese description to the top of the page.

Great event! I've share it with my friends in Coderbunker Shanghai. :)

Hi! I am very interesting in this event but it's pretty hard for me to go to Shanhghai these days.

The core idea of category theory is " composition of relations " maybe you will help if you understand it.

For now we have 10+ ppl and 7+ ppl for dinner :)

Such a cool event~ :)

Hi Suji, I'm one of your fan and I'm in Shanghai !

I missed your last LessWrong Meetup but I don't want to miss the next one. Any plans for the next meetup ?

You can find more on or @SujiYan on Telegram.

I'm also very active in Thx