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Let me know you are coming so I can send you my phone number. We are behind locked door and there is no bell. Especially if you want to come later or sooner than 20:00.

As Scott says: If you’re reading this, you’re invited. Please don’t feel like you “won’t be welcome” just because you’re new to the blog, demographically different from the average reader, or hate ACX and everything it stands for. You’ll be fine!

EA Brno has weekly Monday meetups, we are switching it up for ACX meetup on 15th May. 

There is unrelated debate with Josef Slerka and Patrick Zandl  about AI at University cinema Scala just before our meetup. I expect that some people might come to the meetup directly from this debate so flavor of the meetup might be even more AI-ish that one would normally expect.

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