LW-Cologne runs a monthly social meetup for people interested in LW / SSC style rationalist philosophy. We also have some overlap with the local EA community. Sometimes there are additional events and new suggestions especially suggestions by new people are allways welcome (If you want something to happen make it happen).

Trusting in the power of self selection our meetup is open to everyone intrested. If you are not familliar with LW / SSC jargon and topics expect some difficulty following the conversation, though we will try our best to accomodate newcomers. Discussion will be in English or Grman depending on the needs of those present.

We organize via a mailing list. To be added to the list you need to send a mail to marcel_mueller@mail.de (The following are our suggestions for what kind of information is best to include in the welcome post of your group, feel free to replace them with whatever you think is best)

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