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The cool thing about the "psychosomatic" diagnosis from the doctor's perspective is that it is a convenient, utterly non-disprovable "diagnosis" that offers closure to the doctor: "I found out what is wrong with the guy" instead of admitting failure: "Well, there is a problem but I don't know what it is." It also sends the patient on a long (month to years) therapy loop which offers plenty of time for the problem to resolve on it's own (which happens frequently). An additional perk is that any question or doubt of the patient can be chalked up to "being defensive / in denial" or "uncooperative" which is of course a symptom of the underlying psychopathology.

The Mg hypothesis is easy to test: Get some MgCl or MgCO3 and take some with gluten containing food. Use a quantity similar to the Mg dose found in the amount of coconut water you found to help you. If it helps it is the a tive ingredient. If not, it may still be invloved but not sufficient.

This is very close to an Idea I had a couple of weeks ago: Giving the AI a strong time preference to prevent long term plotting and to make sure that a treacherous turn happens (too) early.

So maybe this kind of approach should be investigated more. (Or is it already and I am unaware?)

Infectious bioweapons can be importantly different from chemical weapons because a single soldier screwing up his protection may infect his whole unit or even more if r is high and incubation period is long.

Good post, but there is one important angle you missed. It is not only the question if you get Covid, but also how often you get Covid over your lifetime which may lead to cumulative damage.

Same problem as with Lyme Disease. Weak or no antibody reaction is only good news IF it indicates absence of the pathogene. While this is not unreasonable to assume, it still needs to be demonstrated, preferably over a wide variety of differen tissues.

You are forgetting declining immunity. Next winter may very well have a similar wave again. In fact this is imho the central scenario (60%ish probability). Quite possibly with multiple strains.

I agree with most of your post, but this looks like wishful thinking to me.

Also, individual prevention should be way easier than you make it out to be. Wear a well fitting N95 or better mask when meeting people and you are mostly done if you live alone or with compliant housemates. Just look at Covid stations in hospitals. Staff there is wearing mostly N95, often poorly fitting and even they do not get infected on the first day (or week) despite MUCH more exposure than we will ever get. Masks work! Masks not working in the general population is a compliance problem, not a technical problem.

AFAIK the schedule should adjust to your time zone. Opening session is 7pm CEST.

Hi, we might want to try holding the LW-Cologne meetup at the Walled Garden. What should I do?

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