What kind of events does your group usually run? What does it usually do? How frequently does your group organize events or meet?

Monthly online-meetups, listening to/discussing/working with some prepared input (e.g. how to make bets, Fermi modelling, book review of Thinking, Fast and Slow), sharing lifehacks, now and then doing a Hamming circle.

Who would be a good fit for you group?

Anyone interested in improving your rationality, EA or [insert anything LessWrong]. If you're reading this, feel free to join us, on every fourth Thursday, starting with the 8th of October, 6:50pm, MET. Link to online-meetup.

Should they have any particular skills or have done some specific background reading?

Not necessary. Our group went through the instrumental rationality Hammertime Sequence together about a year ago, which I imagine would bring a relatively new person quickly into a useful mindset for our group.

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