San Diego Rationalist Meetups

This is a meetup group for San Diego rationalists. There are events at least three times a month: discussions, board game nights, hiking, and more.

If you're interested, join the Google group below to be added to the mailing list and calendar. Events and links are also posted to the Facebook group.

This group has been around for over a year now with over 25 active members. We typically host events on Sundays in Hillcrest. There is also a San Diego EA group which hosts talks and meetups regularly as well.

1[Event]SSC MEETUP - NEW YEAR PREDICTIONSHillcrest, San Diego, CA, USA2020 Jan 12th
3[Event]San Diego SSC MeetupBonita Cove, West Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, CA, USA2018 Aug 11th
1[Event]San Diego SSC Meetup 5/6/2018Pioneer Park, 1521 Washington Pl, San Diego, CA 92103, USA2018 May 6th