Edmonton Rationalist

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Regularly scheduled monthly meetups are held on the second-last Thursday of each month at around 6:30 PM; each meetup is at a different location with a different topic and short selection of readings.


I’m only mildly interested in rationality, or I’m rationalist-adjacent, EA, or have some other hesitations about attending an event. Should I attend an event?

Yes! It's not just you.

I did not complete the readings.

In practice, readings just serve as a starting point for discussion. You should come anyways.

Why is your email address sketchy?

Having our email address listed on LessWrong results in spam. Using a relay service allows us to keep this away from our personal email addresses.

I'm from out of town. Is there a rationalist community in Edmonton?

If you regularly attend meetups elsewhere, please get in touch.  We can sometimes offer free accommodation to members of the rationalist/EA/etc communities, or may schedule an extra meetup just for you.

Upcoming Events

Edmonton Bonus Meetup - June 8th12026 107 Avenue Northwest, EdmontonJun 9th
Thursday June 22nd 11904 Emily Murphy Park Road Northwest, EdmontonJun 23rd

Past Events

Thursday May 18thEdmontonMay 19th
ACX Meetups Everywhere10004 Jasper Avenue, EdmontonApr 28th
Thursday February 23rd - Everyday AI10004 Jasper Avenue, EdmontonFeb 24th
October 27th - BraiiiinsEdmonton2022 Oct 29th
Edmonton Meetups Everywhere 2022!Edmonton2022 Oct 14th
July 28th - Georgism, FinallyEdmonton2022 Jul 29th
June 30th - Best of Book Reviews9330 Groat Road Northwest, Edmonton2022 Jul 1st
May 26th Edmonton Meetup10416 80 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton2022 May 26th
April 28th New Members Meetup9013 88 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton2022 Apr 29th