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The January meetup will be held on Thursday, January 18th at 7:00 PM. 

LocationIrrational Brewing

Note that this venue has very limited food, but they don't mind if you order food from elsewhere and bring it inside.

Discussion Topic: Free Will

Does it exist? Did I choose to post this? Is it my fault that this event went up only one week in advance, and should I be held morally responsible for this failure? Does quantum physics have anything to do with this?

Let's find out.

Sub-topic: Fiction

Have you had the same discussions about free will far too many times for a lifetime? If so, let's discuss fiction. I'm currently reading Too Like the Lightning by Ada Palmer, and it's great. 


Suggested: this podcast is with the author of the book that inspired free will as a discussion topic.

Optional: this podcast with Ada Palmer is excellent.

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