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The May meetup will be held on Thursday, May 16th at 7:00 PM. 

LocationIrrational Brewing

Note that this venue has very limited food, but they don't mind if you order food from elsewhere and bring it inside.

Discussion Topic: All Your Desires Are Fake

I used to think that I enjoyed rationality meetups because I enjoy having interesting discussions with interesting people. 

Then, I read The Elephant in the Brain, and realized that the real joy of rationality meetups was gaining status by one-upping all the other attendees. 

Then, I read Sadly, Porn, and realized that I secretly desire to see you all fail. 

Then, I read I See Satan Fall Like Lightning, and realized that the natural outlet for my intense feelings of envy towards you all is probably some sort of intense hate crime.

Maybe desire is the root of all suffering after all.

See you all soon! :)


Just the above links. 

Bonus question: there is a lot of work discussing human desire through the lens of status and mimetics. What are some of the more compelling takes on this topic from a less pessimistic perspective?

Note: please do not actually commit any hate crimes at the event.

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