Meetup : First Bogota, Colombia Meetup

Discussion article for the meetup : First Bogota, Colombia Meetup

WHEN: 28 January 2017 06:00:00PM (-0500)

WHERE: Starbucks Zona G

I'm visiting Bogota for the weekend (currently live in Medellin), and it would be awesome to meet other LW readers!

I will have a copy of 'Quantum Computing Since Democritus' at my table for easy identification, and commit to being at Starbucks until 7pm even if nobody shows up.

Discussion article for the meetup : First Bogota, Colombia Meetup

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ARARRRARGGGGHHH why do I only see this now.

Do you have any plans to come visit again?

Sorry :/, it was my fault for posting it at such short notice. No one else came.

There's a chance I'll be back in Bogota during the first week of March. If so, I'll make sure to post it with a bit more notice.

Do you go to Medellin every once in a while? I'm thinking of starting a regular meetup here.

Unfortunately I don't travel much (although there's a 50/50 chance I'll move to Boston later this year), but you can find me on Facebook as carturo222.