This story was written by a dad for his little son. The dad would first type it into his computer, and then he would read it to his boy, before sleep, one chapter at a time.

Son's name is Sëbus (pronounced like Syobus). Often, he's just Zë (Zyo) — that's how he referred to himself when he was learning to talk.

When this story was being written, Sëbus was six. His dad largely managed to write in a way that didn’t leave Sëbus bored or confused too much. No guarantees can be made about any other kids, though.

This is a sequel to another (sadly, not recorded) story that was told to Sëbus some time before. In that first story, a family of three space captains — first captain Sëbus, second captain Dad, third captain Mom — travelled to a point in space where eight cubic universes meet. There, they had a series of adventures and met the family of a girl named Wendy. Sëbus and Wendy became friends.

In this story, we will meet Sëbus and Wendy again. But this is a standalone story which (the author hopes) might be interesting even to those who missed the first one.

The text of this story is laid out in a rather weird fashion, almost as if it's a poem (but it's not a poem). It's because it is written to be read aloud. Read it slowly, giving a pause for each whitespace. In a pause, you can notice when your audience is confused and try to explain what's going on.

Hopefully, that will work! Fair warning: there's a lot to explain in this book. As if that’s not enough, here and there the dad inserted extracurricular ideas to tell the child about, if there's interest — those are [in brackets].

Each time, having read a chapter, the dad would run back to his computer to edit it — because his son always managed to show him the ways in which this chapter sucked. Be like Sëbus: complain to the author! Or, you can just edit this book yourself so it describes your interests and family instead of ours. Sëbus even gives you full permission to replace his name with yours!

You can share this book with your friends, but if you want to publish it, contact the author.

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