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Does NYT have policies?

by Douglas_Knight1 min read24th Jun 2020No comments


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Does the New York Times have written policies? Does it publish them? Have they leaked?

Here is a list of six public documents. Most interesting are the Ethical Journalism Guidebook/Handbook and the Guidelines on [Our] Integrity. The first mentions three documents: (A) "the Newsroom Integrity Statement, promulgated in 1999"; is this the Guidelines linked above? (B) "the Policy on Confidential Sources, issued in 2004," archived here. Do they still publish it? and (C) "the Rules of the Road," which sounds like a private document not specific to journalism.

Are there other private written policies? Have they leaked? Are there rumors about them?

I don't mean to imply that policies are an unalloyed good. At some level of detail or disorganization, people simply don't learn them. I have a largely unjustified intuition that lying is bad and lying about policies is particularly bad, seeming to exist to diffuse responsibility.

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