There has been a rumor that OpenAI has achieved AGI internally.
The source of the rumors is Jimmy Apples.
I conducted an investigation.
Conclusion: Jimmy Apples is a credible insider.
Here is my report: My tweet about it. You can also discuss things there.

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I am trying to see if it is true. I need other people to help me alongside.

The whole thing generated enough buzz that Sam Altmann himself debunked it in a reddit comment (fitting, he was CEO of reddit at one point after all). 

People say that he made correct predictions in the past.

His past predictions are either easily explained by a common trick used by sports fans on twitter, or have very shaky evidence for them since he keeps deleting his posts every few months, leaving us with 3rd party sources. Also, I wouldn't a priori consider "GPT-5 finished training in October 2022 with 125T parameters" a correct prediction.

How would we be able to verify such a claim? How would we investigate this? What specific help do you need from us?