Less Wrong Rationality Quotes since April 2009, sorted by points.

This version copies the visual style and preserves the formatting of the original comments.

Here is the source code.

I already wrote a top-level comment about the original raw text version of this, but my access logs suggested that EDITs of older comments only reach a very few people. See that comment for a bit more detail.

This is great, even more so as you made it open source. I added it to References & Resources for LessWrong.

1Kevin10yYou should make a short top-level post about this so more people see this
1cupholder10yI'd vote you up again for handing out your source code as well as the quote list, but I can't, so an encouraging reply will have to do...

Open Thread June 2010, Part 2

by komponisto 1 min read7th Jun 2010553 comments


The title says it all.