Native Russian speakers wanted (for proofreading LW texts, again)

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This is a repeat from May, 20 post. If you are a native Russian speaker, could volunteer an hour or two to read the sequence and share your opinion on it, and haven't contacted me before (here, by email or on

As part of an effort to familiarize Russian-speaking audience with Less Wrong materials, I am participating in an ongoing translation of a certain sequence of texts to Russian.

Now I need volunteers who are willing to read the text and give feedback on its quality. If you are native Russian speaker and can dedicate an hour or two to reading the sequence, please drop me an email to and I'll give you the link. Later I'll update this post with an information on which text this was and which feedback I have got (your exact words can remain private if you wish).

I'm doing it this way so that name of the text and other's opinion won't influence your decision to participate and your opinion. Frankly, I think this mode of interaction should be a standard option in popular forum software, but it isn't.

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