Meetup : Washington, D.C.: Legos

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WHEN: 28 August 2016 03:30:00PM (-0400)

WHERE: Mosaic at Metro Apartments

This week, we will be meeting to play with Legos. Richard (our host) will hold a house building contest:

  • He will set up baseplates with minifig people on them: elves, wizards, pirates, robots etc.
  • Each person chooses a group, gets a random bag of bricks, and builds a house for the group.
  • People are encouraged to trade for parts so they can get the colors or decorations that fit.
  • At the end, he will hand out three gems to everyone, and each person gives a gem to the house they think is: best engineered, most aesthetically pleasing, and most suitable for the people.

...but Legos will be available for unstructured play as well.

And, as always, side conversations are allowed and encouraged.


Take the metro to the Prince Georges Plaza metro stop, or park in the metro garage there.

As you come up the metro escalators, you will be facing a traffic circle, and Belcrest Road. Go around the circle, continue, and take a right on the next street (Belcrest Road); the building entrance will be on your right. Call or email Richard Bruns (richardbruns [at] so he can let you in or send someone to do so.

Upcoming meetups:

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  • Sep. 11: Singing
  • Sep. 18: Steelmanning

Discussion article for the meetup : Washington, D.C.: Legos