Just returned from this year's Bayesian Conspiracy camp at Burning Man. We encountered a lot of cool burners who read this blog, and I thought we should have a post for them to check in with contact info if they'd like to stay in touch.

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Hey guys, this is David. We met at the main Burn (I was the first to help hold down your tarp at the front row).

Email: xeuton.mojukai@gmail.com

Phone number: (408)836-2205

I should be showing up to pick up my Bike in Berkeley tomorrow morning, but for now just wanted to check in!

Jim here. I was at Camp Bayesian Conspiracy, so I met most of you. In default world, I live in Cambridge; send me a message if you want to connect.

I went for my third time this year. I poked my head into a dome of Bayesians when I was looking for the Hexayurt party in the quad-dome. I was hoping to spend more time hanging out with Bayescamp, but I didn't find the time.