(AI alignment) Now is special

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As an extremely conservative estimate: Humans have existed as a distinct species for over 100,000 years.

Of those 100,000 years, as an upper bound, maybe the last 10% of them can be classed as "civilization" times. (The actual number given by historians is closer to 6,000. Bear with me. I'm trying to communicate scale, here.)

And of those 10,000 years of civilization, you happened to have lived in the 150-or-so years where making tractable progress on AI alignment was possible.

And, of those 150-or-so years where that was possible, you happened to have lived in the same 30-or-so years where the same skills that correlate broadly to making headway on AI alignment can also be used to have a well-paying, enjoyable career, with relatively little risk.

Now is special. Now matters.

Hop to it.

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