Rational spirituality: transcending your metaphysics

bymonktastic8mo14th May 20184 comments


Hi all! First time poster. I'll be honest: I'm feeling a bit nervous posting this here.

I want to share some thoughts about consciousness and the nature of reality. The basic idea is that reality is, in fact, a dream, and this can be discovered for oneself beyond any reasonable doubt. Roughly, the method is to grok the fact that your metaphysical assumptions are not rationally grounded in the way you normally assume.

The main obstacle to its discovery is a subtle cognitive process that continually reinforces our metaphysics. I demonstrate how these beliefs (such as those regarding the nature of time) are not based in reason, contrary to intuition. Yet even if one understands this intellectually, s/he will find it very hard to confront seriously. That misguided certainty is precisely what keeps the dream apparently stable and mundane.

If you're wondering why you don't see evidence of this around you, it's because this is your dream. How convenient, right?

There is a brief foray into quantum mechanics and the many-worlds interpretation. It's hard to avoid the criticism of "quantum woo" in a context like this, but I stay true to the math and experimental evidence, and hope you will draw your own conclusions.

The site may appear to be pushing an idealist metaphysics, which seems to go against the claim of transcending metaphysics. But the idea is to have the experience itself, at which point metaphysics becomes a tool for communication, rather than something we grip very tightly (usually without realizing it, as in the everyday life experience that the Buddhists call samsara).