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Martin P. L.

This year's ACX Meetup everywhere in Hamburg, Germany.

Location: Kleine Wallanlagen on the lawn near Memorial Holstenglacis. Look for pink blankets; I will also have an ACX sign. Here is an Open Street Map Link which also shows the short-cut tunnel from the subway station. In case of rain we will meet under the bridge and decide where to go instead.

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Update: It is likely to rain and even if it does not rain it is going to be cold. 

In case of rain we will meet under the bridge and decide where to go instead.

We will meet under the bridge and then decide where to go. 

Suggested places to go:

  • Apple & Eve - the EA meetup location, vegan, 20 min by foot  
  • Variable - very close by, nice, I remember it from my student days, has at least vegetarian options 
  • many other options easily reachable, please suggest

From an internet search it looks like the only thing I could nibble on at Apple & Eve is a salad, assuming they don't put rice, couscous or bulgur into it. Not meant to be a strong argument against, just letting you know. ♥️ I am coming to meetup to meet people, I don't necessarily need to eat. 🙂 (I don't know the area at all, unfortunately, and have no suggestions. But Variable looks nice.)

Hi, I'm late thus there are no pink blankets yet but I heard that some people are already there. Please wait under the bridge close to the U2 train station.

Some reader has pointed out that there was an error in the date information (different start/end dates). The meetup is on September 17th at 5 PM local time.