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Open Thread April 2018

1 min read
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Polling Thread January 2017

1 min read
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[Link] Could a Neuroscientist Understand a Microprocessor?

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I tend to agree with this view. I think that is also one of the aspects implied (sic) by the implicit and [explicit communication]( post: The value of maintaining a highly cohesive and committed team may be a highe...(read more)

I don't think fortnightly will work. That's why I left that out. Adding a tags rule without tags makes no sense either.

Ask a lesswronger.

That's a bit difficult if there is no place to ask. I like the posts on LW 2.0 but I miss the open discussions.

I think [MIT’s new AlterEgo headset]( still falls into the category "Devices and Gadgets" of [When does technological enhancement feel natural and acceptable?]( more)

An interesting though somewhat bizarre prediction on the difficulty of building AI by [Scott Adams]( in a recent [Periscope session]( of him (paraphrased from memory):

"The perception that building human...(read more)

Does something like Open Threads exist in LW 2.0? When I create one how would anybody get to know about it?

The only reason I persisted was because I was interested in the cryptography aspect and wanted to be a part of an up-and-coming technology. And that is a reward I guess a very high fraction of the people actually 'investing' in Bitcoin had. Those hackers, nerds, tech enthusists didn't need high fr...(read more)

I think this goes beyond math and is really a general pattern about learning by system 1 and 2 interacting. It's just more clearly visible with math because it is neccessarily more precise. I once described it here (before knowing about system 1 and 2 terminology): more)

That sounds very close to the meta rule of being only allowed to change the rule to more precise rule. So you have the rule of not eating cookies and come across a very special cookie. Making an exception opens the door to arbitrary exceptions. But what about changing the rule to allow only cookies ...(read more)

Reality has a surprising amount of detail (there was a post about this explaining it at the example of contructing a simple wooden ladder which I can't find, but I bet there are a lot comparable descriptions out there). Or take a candle. I guess you have used one recently. Looks pretty simple, right...(read more)

Added: I wonder whether this is a kind of niche need of our kind of folks. Or maybe it is the other way around and I project, because I had also trouble of understanding other people especially people my age. On the other had I could always relate well to older (adults when I was young) and younger,...(read more)