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Open Thread - Jan 2022 [Vote Experiment!]
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Reflecting a bit more on it, I think my original excitement must have clouded my judgment: I no longer think that the mapping is obvious or even halfway clear.

Value extrapolation partially resolves symbol grounding

We would want the to learn to AI to maximise

Did you mean "We would want the AI to learn to maximize"?

The First Person And The Physical Person

How one specify it involves assumptions that already determines the answer.

That is the beauty of an operation specification. My motto is: If you can't program it you don't understand it. :-))

The First Person And The Physical Person

I have found it useful to replace all references to "I" or "you" in anthropic problems with specifications of instances of actors or robots running a decision procedure. This extends to treating, e.g., utility as a variable in these decision procedures.  

Use Normal Predictions

I upvoted all comments in this thread for constructive criticism, response to it, and in the end even agreeing to review each other! 

Your Prioritization is Underspecified

My impression is that various systems for prioritization get much of their power from addressing some core ambiguity and that people thus self-sort into those systems based on whether that ambiguity was a key bottleneck for them.

I'd like to see how different prioritization systems cater to different needs. I imagine systems like GTD or FVP to be best for people with many small tasks. But that's about it. Anybody with a good overview of systems offering a guess?

Coordination as a Scarce Resource

How many of these are of the same type, e.g., material suppliers?  

In a startup (~50 employees) that I worked in we had 

  • more than 25 tech suppliers (mostly cloud-based software service providers)
  • more than 15 suppliers specialized in the business domain including print and payment service providers.
  • more than 20 other suppliers, e.g. HR, office
  • many clients, with more than 15 that require special handling

I totally agree with the core point that coordination is a limiting factor.

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