March 16th: Daily Coronavirus Links

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As part of the LessWrong Coronavirus Link Database, Ben, Elizabeth and I are publishing daily update posts with all the new links we are adding each day that we ranked a 3 or above in our importance rankings. Here are all the top links that we added yesterday (March 16th), by topic.


Suggestion to collate local response data

Rob Wiblin suggests collecting and summarising locality responses to C19 and entering on wikipedia, because other localities may turn to it to inform their own response.


FB discussion of volunteer opportunities

Jess Riedel collects volunteer opportunities.


1Point3Acres US dashboard

Includes map and list of statistics aggregated by state and count

Everyday Life

Bay Area to issue Shelter In Place orders

6 bay area counties intend to issue shelter-in-place orders at noon today.


Personal plea for isolation

Rob Bensinger explains why he thinks isolation is essential

Medical System

Analysis of chloroquine as an effective treatment for Coronavirus

Long doc by Stanford PhD and other researchers arguing that this has the potential as a cure, offering info (like mechanism of action) and arguing for more research. Translated into Spanish.


Lit Review of Risk for Young People of COVID-19 by Sarah Constantin

Uses data from China, South Korea. Also analyses costs of getting the disease when hospital beds are unavailable, suggesting a 1-2% fatality rate in that situation.

Spread & Prevention

Configurable model of spread

Visual display of outcome counts based on a highly configurable transmission model

Collection of estimates of various C19 parameters

Contains both links to papers and their particular estimates for various parameters, including: R0, severity, IFR, CFR, incubation period, serial interval, infectious period, hospital time, doubling time, and prevalence

France recommends no NSAID except tylenol

France notes hospitalized young people have often taken common NSAIDS (except paracetamol) and recommends against it

(EV) I'm really skeptical that this is a real result

Paper: Advice for UK Government Responses to Covid-19 (influential in UK decision-making)

"The expert epidemiological modelling that likely informed the UK Government's policy change today." - Rob Wiblin


Predictions about C19

Good Judgement Project Open's collection of C19-related predictions