This year's Bay Area Winter Solstice will be held on Sunday, December 15 in the Chabot Planetarium. The Solstice is an annual gathering where we come together to celebrate humanity and the things that matter to us.

We're now soliciting volunteers from the Rationalist and Effective Altruist communities for the various volunteering roles that the Solstice will require! Consider giving a speech, leading a singalong, or joining the Bay Area Bayesian Choir for its autumn rehearsals. We're also looking for intrepid volunteers who might like to be in charge of A/V, food, programs, and other aspects of event logistics.

Apply here:

New this year, we will also be having an unconference the Saturday immediately before Solstice, in the style and flavor of New York's Megameetup. Tickets will be sold separately. Stay tuned for details.

Nat, Claire, & Chelsea

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