My grandfather died several years ago, before I began to seriously consider cryonics. He deteriorated markedly as he approached death. Nevertheless, he was smart enough to want to be part of the new technologies "the kids were putting out these days." At age 90, with some help, he created a blog and posted this entry:


As my memory weakens, I no longer perform much, but I deeply enjoy life. My wife, Genie, and my three daughters help me a lot, with food, walks, talks, and gifts. I usually feel good. Many other people say and do nice things for me.


Life began as cells 3 ½ billion years ago and gradually spread out from one species to another. There is no evidence of any species living after death. Therefore, each human should enjoy life, itself. Long before our Earth formed, our Universe spread out 14 billion years ago, long after material existed, which may have been forever. On that basis, I think human lives are a result of amazing development. We can enjoy life deeply into old age and on almost to death. No human should weaken true enjoyment by physically attacking another human. A human may argue with another human with the purpose of keeping both lives enjoyable.


When approaching death, a person should overcome huge pain by mental concentration or medicine and enjoy the remainder of life. This can be done by listening to music, relatives, friends, reading, and other actions. Life can be pleasant to the end, or about to the end. Enjoy yourself. Be nice to others.



The unedited entry (still up, along with other postings to his blog) concerns the mental topics that were occupying him at the end of life: mainly birdwatching and overpopulation. I post it here as evidence that even a very old person, suffering the mental and physical burdens of advanced old age, can still enjoy themselves and value life.

From one perspective, it is the ramblings of an old man succumbing to dementia. From another, it is proof that life is never a thing to be easily surrendered.

Enjoy yourself. Be nice to others.

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