Reality is arational.

byreguru3y9th Sep 20167 comments


Reality is arational. Everything you do is arational. You aren't aware of it because you lack awareness. By becoming aware that you are unaware, you have increased your awareness. Yet still, you will always lack awareness. The same with me. My definition of awareness is the subjective experience of separating thoughts from awareness. You can become aware of thoughts, and if an "I" thought appears, that was not you, you simply became aware of it.

My point is that I think that you, confuse the map for the territory. Now I made the same mistake, because "map not being the territory" is a map. In all actuality, all types of communication are, and equally untrue.

The way I see it is that reality is the way it is and it is arational. Gravity does not exist. We may create a layer on top of arational reality and call it reality, while in all actuality it is a virtual reality.

It is simply a human projection on top of the arational reality. Arationality is completely independent of reasoning, everything rational and irrational exists within a matrix (virtual reality) of the arational.

It's fine to do physics, math or other science but it is still a human projection.

You might think that there is no alternative to using maps (like I do here) but I am simply pointing out that you can discover arational reality without creating another map to point out its existence.
If you want to find out for yourself, what happens when you become silent of all thoughts? Does reality disappear?

The point is that you can sit down, become aware of all the maps, and notice that reality does not disappear because what you call "you" (The I thought) lose attachment to maps.

If you investigate for yourself, an empirical investigation, you can find out for yourself too. That's the only way for this to work. Because you might notice I make the same mistake, but there is a small inclination of some maps getting you closer to the truth, even though it's not the case. Because it is an illusion. The illusion that some maps are better than others when they are all the same from the perspective of the arational.

What's the point of this post? It's an invitation, you have to figure it out yourself.