Meetup : [Metro Detroit / Ann Arbor], Michigan

Discussion article for the meetup : [Metro Detroit / Ann Arbor], Michigan

WHEN: 28 January 2017 04:20:00PM (-0500)

WHERE: 2065 Commerce Blvd. #327 Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Ann Arbor Area Amalgam of Rationalist-Adjacent Anthropoids is having our biweekly* meetup this Saturday (2017 January 28) at 2065 Commerce Blvd. #327 Ann Arbor, MI 48103 4:00 PM - "whenevs" "If you can read this sentence, you're invited. If someone told you about it, you're invited. If someone re-posted it somewhere else and you read it, you're invited. (Feel free to repost, mention, or link to this announcement anywhere you think people will be interested.) No level of expertise is required. Do not worry if you don't think you're interesting enough. You're much more interesting than you think you are. Even if you're not, you're invited anyway. " (We have a community website at with detailed information on this meetup and a calendar of future events, as well as directions and other stuff! Wow!) The mailing list post for this meetup is also archived on Google Groups. In addition to the website and mailing list, we have an IRC channel at irc:// (click for in-browser chat), where someone is usually around and paying attention if you want to ask any questions, or see if someone can give you a ride, or shitpost, or whatever. * Once every two weeks, not twice a week

Discussion article for the meetup : [Metro Detroit / Ann Arbor], Michigan

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EDIT: This comment originally said that the map wasn't properly centered on the actual location of the meetup, but I figured out how to fix it.